Free Mandela Live On

Statue outside Victor Verster Prison in South Africa where Mandela walked to freedom. It was emotional seeing the prison and following the walk he did. The statue stands outside the prison tall and strong. #SouthAfrica #Mandela #VictorVersterPrison Photograph taken in 2009 by me. Advertisements

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Keeping it Corporate

Expedia London. Meet the team… Kurt (Roggin) Serrano, Vice President, Human Resources-Global Lodging Group With Lanny Love, Director, Talent Acquisition at Expedia and Roopesh Panchasra, Director, Recruiter at Expedia Europe Division.

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Newspaper Shoot

’20 ways to find out if a guy is serious about you or waiting for someone else to come along’ is written by Priya Mulji. Besides writing her blog, Priya is a marketer, Eastern Eye columnist and blogger for where she has been described as the The ‘Asian Carrie Bradshaw.’ Priya has also had appearances […]

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