MKV Photography has over 20 years’ experience in photography, from the pre-digital age of processing prints in a darkroom, to using professional digital equipment.

Mala Vadgama, the chief photographer at MKV Photography, was passionate about photography from a very young age. Her granddad played a large part in exposing her to the world of photography. Being a keen photographer himself, Mala’s granddad used to process prints in a darkroom in his hometown of Nairobi in Kenya. He then brought his passion to the UK where he continued to take pictures of his favourite subject, his family. This is the field where Mala nurtured her passion in photography.

Being camera-shy from a young age, Mala recalls preferring to be behind the camera instead of in front, where her passion was encouraged and put into practise. Having a large extended family meant lots of opportunities to use her granddad’s camera at gatherings to take group shots.

Mala’s passions clearly lie in the creative arts where she continued to study and then teach at a secondary school in North West London.

After 8 years of teaching, Mala decided to pursue her photography career full time. Since then, Mala has had work printed in various magazines and newspapers; has photographed famous clients, commercial companies as well as freelancing and photographing all types of people.

MKV Photography sometimes hires other great photographers to shadow Mala when photographing weddings and high profile events if needed. One regular photographer is in fact Mala’s husband Dee!

Dee’s passion in photography also started from a young age and developed further during the digital photography age as his knowledge and interest is strong in all things digital! Working as a Project Manager for an IT company, his organisational skills complement Mala’s creative eye well.

Mala wanted to dedicate this blog to the man who first encouraged her passion in photography, her granddad, Babulaal Mistry.


Website: http://www.mkvphotography.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mkvphotography

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mkvphotography

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mkvphotography


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