Keeping it Corporate

Expedia London. Meet the team… Kurt (Roggin) Serrano, Vice President, Human Resources-Global Lodging Group IMG_0414g IMG_0462d With Lanny Love, Director, Talent Acquisition at Expedia and Roopesh Panchasra, Director, Recruiter at Expedia Europe Division.

IMG_0445e IMG_0473bIMG_0482fIMG_0504e IMG_0526cIMG_0500fMKV Expedia0313-1843 MKV Expedia0313-1861MKV Expedia0313-1869MKV Expedia0313-1881gMKV Expedia0313-1891f MKV Expedia0313-1894cMKV Expedia0313-1928d MKV Expedia0313-1941eMKV Expedia0313-1933bMKV Expedia0313-1948cMKV Expedia0313-1955c MKV Expedia0313-1959b


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